Why Helia

Ancient wisdom, modern science

Ancient wisdom

Helia really is traditional Primal superfood for the skin. Traditional cultures have long prized saturated animal fats as the basis of beautiful skin.

European healing balms were made from tallow for centuries and butter (or ghee) has an ancient history of skin use throughout India.

As it turns out, that's backed up by current science.

Our cell membranes, particularly our skin, are made up of at least 50% saturated fats, which are the keys to good cell strength.

Applying Helia's vitamin-laden concentrate can help to keep your skin firm, clear and glowing.

No nasties

Here at Helia we aim to create the world's most nourishing natural skincare.

Therefore, we make sure there are:

NO chemicals

NO carcinogens

NO vegetable oils

NO toxins in our products.

Just traditional wisdom and the purest organic ingredients that will replenish your skin, leaving it healthier.

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Our skin balms are concentrated and pure…… it all begins with the soil in Aotearoa New Zealand, one of the cleanest, greenest places on Earth.

Here, on the organic home farm, we grew nutrient-dense herbal meadows in pastures that have been biologically fertilised to contain key major and trace elements.

Carefully selected Jersey cows graze upon these lush grasses, converting them into delicate fat-soluble vitamins.

Millennia-old wisdom encourages use of animal fats to remain healthy and vibrant. I formulate the rich skin balm concentrates from ghee and suet from these cows. Helia is crafted with time-honoured techniques – no artificial additives or water. 

Therapeutic essential oils add an uplifting fragrance and further increase the balm’s healing properties.

The result is Helia, a divine natural product that your skin will love.