9 reasons suet is in Helia balms

“What if your face cream nourished YOU, not just your face?” Here at Helia we use modern science mixed with ancient wisdom to create the safest, nourishing skincare balm on the market. And here are 9 ways Helia ghee and suet balms do just that.
  1. Helia balms have absolutely NO synthetic anything. They are pure Nature at her best. Suet balms are ideal for applying nourishment and prompting healing of any skin.
  2. Helia balms are laden with the highest quality fats that best mimic, reinforce and revive the natural fats that should be in our layers of skin.
  3. Vitamin nutrition for skin: The balms are rich in fat Soluble vitamins A, D, and K2 in the ideal forms for absorption into your skin and bloodstream. Nourishes at a cellular level.
  4. The natural fats in suet and ghee nourish the beneficial skin microbes we need to repel germ pathogens.
  5. Therapeutic grade Essential Oils with elevated plant frequencies have documented beneficial effects – everything from mood elevation to DNA repair.
  6. NZ Assure Quality certifies the organic ingredients to USA, NOP and EU standards.
  7. From organic cows lovingly fed only on the diverse green pastures key to the cow’s creation of the highest possible levels of the healing, fat soluble vitamins in Helia’s main ingredients: suet and ghee.
  8. Beef suet has been used for centuries by European cultures for skin healing. Age old Ayurveda traditions use ghee (clarified butter) for skin and full body healing.
  9. Made from purebred Jersey suet grown on farm, and formulated personally with organic ghee, to ensure the highest quality and integrity in this product from the soil up.
So as you can see, there are no nasties, just pure organic suet and ghee, mixed in with some New Zealand sunshine, and a whole lot of love.

Wishing you the best of health,

Phyllis Tichinin