What could be more upsetting than a child thoroughly uncomfortable with itchy, weepy, angry rashes?

Answer:   Not much…..You’d rather not give them steroids because of the dangers, but they need some kind of relief or healing to lead an enjoyable childhood!  Enter the natural alternative approach. Helia Repair Balm….a rare and precious gift from my cows to your child.  

Lots of creams and salves claim to be ‘natural’ but are mostly water and rancid seed oils preserved by toxic chemicals. Oh, yeah, with a drop of the latest whizz substance – Green tea, Aronia, Rose hip, Manuka, etc. usually as the last or least ingredient.  

Our skins are not meant to absorb water and inflammatory seed oils.  Traditional wisdom indicates we’re meant to be using fats that are closest in composition to those in our own skins –  which are saturated animal fats high in healing Vitamins A, D, K2 and CLA. That’s what Helia balms provide. You can tell by Helia’s bright yellow colour that it is healing sunshine stored in the leaves of diverse green pastures, concentrated by generous cows and passed on to us in their butter fat and suet.  

Helia Pure Skin, and especially Helia Repair balm, soothes, nurtures and provides key fats and essential oils to reduce irritation and speed healing.  Apply over the affected areas 2 to 3 times a day for relief and  protection. 

Janet B of Rotorua New Zealand was ecstatic about the immediate improvement in her 18 month old daughter’s skin.   

“I love Helia balm. It has all the qualities that it says it delivers, so happy! Here are two photos off my baby girl’s cheeks. They kept coming up with an angry red rash that cracked the skin, every time she got a fever. And after trying a number of different creams your balm worked. Yea!!” 15 Oct 2017 


Janet’s Child with rash                                 Janet’s child 1 day after

before Helia use                                           first Helia application.


 “I had a 13 year old patient with overall body eczema who tried Helia and found it really helped.  When confronted with not having the balm, his mother suggested alternative creams.  He indicated to her, ‘It’s Phyllis’ balm or nothing!’” 

Angela Hair health practitioner New Zealand  


My 12 year old daughter had eczema on her face, arms and hands. She saw changes on the first day of using Helia Repair. This is awesome stuff! After 10 days she has NO EVIDENCE of eczema anywhere on her body!!

 Elise W Texas USA